Zobori KalandoZoo - Adventure Park and Leisure Centre, Zalaszabar

Unlimited adventures await you in Zalaszabar, in the Zobor KalandoZoo, not more than 10 km away from Zalakaros, in the vicinity of Kis-Balaton. The wonderful panorama is refreshing in itself, but reaching the adventure park, a real adventure oasis awaits the guests.

The Zobor KalandoZoo is an ideal place for class trips, camps, hiking trips, company team building trainings.

Information: +36-30-36-28-118 (during opening hours)

Address: 8743 Zalaszabar, Hrsz. 1565

Kápolnapuszta - The Buffalo Reserve

Visit the reserve possessing the biggest herds of bulls in the country! The intriguing stroll full of stories and the interactive exhibition make the encounter with the buffalos a real experience. There is a gift shop and a picnic area for the perfect recreation. It is open from 1 November till 31 March between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and from 1 April till 31 October between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The reserve plays a significant role in sustaining the buffalo population considered to be indigenous in our country as well as preserving its genome. Besides, it is a popular centre of presenting this species since the tameness of this herd creates a direct contact with the visitors.

An exhibition demonstrating the wildlife of the Kis-Balaton Region, a presentation on the history of the buffalo and an intiguing stroll has been created with playful elements, rest areas and looking-out towers from where the whole surrounding landscape can be seen through a telescope. In the reception area there are publications and gifts available to be bought as well as refreshments to be consumed.

Nagybakónak - The Rocky Gorge

Nagybakónak is situated 22 km far away from Zalakaros.

Thanks to the host sandstone beds, in case of wet weather we have the chance to admire the rare phenomenon, the weeping wall. The microclimate of the gorge provides proper life conditions for species that are not typical of hill country: hepatic, Ruscus hypoglossum, the Bird’s nest Orchid etc. Near the village there is the extremely interesting natural formation, the Rocky gorge as well as the Árpád (Esperantho) springs known as the pleasant rest area.

Reaching the springs’ valley the spring on the left was originally the Árpád spring, but later the springs together with the spring on the right were named as Esperantho springs. The spings got their first names from the scouts. These springs stayed forgotten for a long time, and became useless. At the end of the 1970s in the course of the touristic exploration, the idea of the development was born. The Nature Lovers’ Association in Nagykanizsa started reconstructing two of the springs. The excellent quality spring water provides pleasant refreshment in a beautiful environment that is cool in summer as well, and the benches there offer a nice rest for everybody. There is also a special area for lighting a fire.

Lake Csibiti, Nagybakónak: It is a man-made lake. Apart from being a good place for hiking, it provides home to some tortoises.


Our places to visit are easily and fast accessible from Zalakaros and offer the guests in Zalakaros a pastime full of experiences as well as recreational and entertainment facilities in a unique natural environment. Discounts are available for those having a valid bath ticket.

Guided tours are offered for those wishing to get to know the specially protected area of Kis-Balaton and its world recalling the atmosphere of the famous Tüskevár.


Petting Zoo in Fenyvespuszta

This Petting Zoo in Fenyvespuszta is a perfect place to meet the animals of the prairie! You are welcomed by your playful new friends, buffalos, goatlings, horses, ponies, donkeys, rabbits, piglets, poppies, kittens and so many other curious animals.

Our grange is located in Zala County opposite the entrance to The Kányavár –island, the favoured hiking place in the Kis-Balaton Region and in the vicinity of Balatonmagyaród.

The Petting Zoo is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Széchenyi Pihenőkártya , OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP Kártya are accepted.

Looking-out tower

The hills above Zalakaros are covered with forests, thus, they are the lungs of the town. One of the remarkable places in Zalakaros is the looking-out tower located at the edge of the forest next to the road which is the continuation of Park Street at the border of the town from the direction of Zalamerenye. The tower offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. In nice weather Kis-Balaton and The Balaton highlands can clearly be seen. At the foot of the tower built in folk architectural style there is the Kilátó wine bar welcoming its guests. From the tower there are pleasant paths leading in different directions in the area of the forest called Parkerdő.

On certain occasions sports events - such as orbital cycling competitions, hiking tours, family and sports days - are organized in the forest.

Seven Chieftains Historic Adventure Park

The founders of the Adventure Park aimed to offer each member of the family recreation full of experiences. The location perfectly fits the requirements of the National Curriculum, which promotes learning by actively participating, thus, the acquired knowledge can be used in practice. The Adventure Park helps create and strengthen patriotism and the knowledge of the local history in the youngsters’ minds without even realizing it. A visit to the Adventure Park offers such a complex experience that satisfies both the body and the mind. The permanent exhibition of the portrait gallery of the Hungarian kings and yurts uniquely presents the history of the region from the era prior to the Magyars’ settlement. The permanent exhibition in the yurts educates the visitors with great entertaining materials based on both the latest archeological and anthropological researches in the region and the most authentic historical sources. Besides, playing and the gastronomical specialities provide each member of the family with real recreation.

Producers’ market

The Producers’ market was opened, financed by European Union sources, in the centre of Zalakaros in 2014 where the most delicates products are available.

Market Opening hours:
From spring to autumn: every day 8 a.m. – 8 p.m
In winter: occasionally

Garabonciás Farm

Near the Kis-Balaton Region in Garabonc Garabonciás Historic Adventure Park has been in operation since June 2013. The founder of the Adventure Park is the Aphrodite**** Hotel Venus*** in Zalakaros, which has created a unique touristic attraction in the region of Zalakaros.

The Garabonciás Farm, the twenty-first century farm located in Zalakaros, deals with breeding animals and growing plants. This farm supplies the hotel operating in Zalakaros with organic food in great quantities.

The Garabonciás Farm is more than a simple farm since it is the scene of adventures at the same time. The most preferred programmes are horse-riding, riding in an echo-carriage, a visit to the farm combined with a close contact with animals.

Visitors are welcomed by rasorial chickens, chicks, sunbathing happy pigs wallowing in mud, gentle rabbits, spotted cows, proud Hungarian grey cattle, sheep and goats giving cheese and running horses.