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Excellent wines and modern winery in the vicinity of Kis-Balaton

Cezar winery, located in an idyllic, picturesque environment in Nagyrada, right in the vicinity of Kis-Balaton, is surrounded by a 100-hectare grape plantation. It is the citadel of wine production in Zala, the sanctuary of the symbiosis of different types, aromas and drink specialities.
Stefan Csaszar, managing director - owner

The Zala Wine Region

The grapevines in Zala are grown in one of the most interesting and picturesque regions in the country: along with the beautiful, declivous hills and valleys they form a special production region, so-called ‘terroir’.

Wine production

A few years ago we had the possibility to buy selected, high quality territories in Nagyrada,
with an approximately 100-hectare plantation with excellent quality and newly planted grapevines from where there is a panoramic view of the Kis-Balaton Region.

Taste the treasures

of the Zala Wine Region in our winery!

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In 2006 we opened our exhibition hall and wine specialist store in the Winery where our products are available for everyone.


In the reception area of Zalakaros Bath we have been operating our store since 2012 where all our products are on offer to taste and purchase.