Taste the treasures

of the Zala Wine Region with us!

Visit the Cezar Winery and find out more about the still hidden treasures of the Zala Wine Region at the place where they are born.

Taste the noble juice of the young vines grown on ancient slopes, our most spectacular wines which are increasingly acknowledged and appreciated by both Hungarian and international wine lovers.

We would be pleased to welcome You and your family as well as your business partners to a visit to our factory and a wine tasting event in the Cezar Winery.

In case of a group of at least 10 people during the opening hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). After the opening hours (the latest starting is 8 p.m.) the programme can only be booked in case of a group of at least 20 people.

Our wine tasting programmes

100% CEZAR

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Our wine tasting programme offers

Wine tasting programmes with 3-7 types of wine

You, your family and friends are welcome to our winery in Nagyrada all year round to spend a few pleasant hours here. After booking, everyone is welcome during the week, but groups can arrive at weekends too.

Space is available for company events and conferences between 10-80 people.

A pleasant environment and delicate drinks are guaranteed.

The description of the programme

Our guests are welcome with some delicate champagne, and then they have the opportunity to take a visit to our factory. We demonstrate them the operation of the Cezar Winery, they can learn how and what technologies are used to make our products, they can have a look at our vineyards, machine parks, the whole winery and barrique room. In the meantime our colleague is ready to answer any arising questions, then returning to the tasting room, the wine-tasting event can start.

The programme can be completed with wine-biscuit and/or lunch which are not included in the basic price.

You can choose from the menu below.

Wine producing technology


White wine production was typical of this region earlier. After studying the soil and climate, we thought that the region was optimal for red wine production as well.